That’s me!

That’s me!

Kenny Clayton - Wedding Photographer

A bit of advice

Weddings are a documentary photographers dream. If like me, you love photo’s full of emotion and represent genuine, authentic moments, then good news, we’re on the same page.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of photographers out there, all with completely unique styles and pricing structures and it can be almost impossible to find the right one.

Personally, i think the best way to make a decision, and it might seem obvious, but number one, you have to decide if you like their work. You’d be amazed at how many people sacrifice their photography budget for what you might think are ‘more important’ things on the list. Honestly, those things are all lovely to have, but if you have a budget, then please make sure you get the photographer you really want. In 30 years time you won’t care what the cake looked like or what fancy car you drove 2 miles down the road in, but you absolutely will want to remember the joy, laughter and love that you shared with all your guests.

Once you think you’ve found your photographer, give them a call and arrange a meeting, or facetime them if they aren’t local. It’s so important you get along. They’re going to be attending the biggest day of your lives and you want to trust that they’re a good fit with you and your guests.

I like to really get to know my clients before the ceremony, which is why I always offer a pre wedding shoot. Don’t worry, it’s nothing cheesy, just a way for us to properly get to know each other and have a laugh, so you’re more relaxed about being photographed on the day.

If you like my work then give me a call for a chat and if you like me, you can tick one job off the list :)